Your Guide to the Art of Sujok Therapy

Embark on a holistic journey of healing with Sujok Therapy. Discover the art of balancing energy through your hands and feet for enhanced well-being.

Tejal Uppal


I am a seasoned Senior Sujok Therapist, a beacon of healing and compassion in the realm of alternative medicine. With unwavering dedication, I have honed my expertise in the art of Sujok healing, transforming the lives of countless individuals through my unique approach. 

"Amazing Tricks to Keep Yourself Healthy."
- Tejal uppal

Tejal Uppal

Why should one learn SuJok or study SuJok?

There are so many alternative
healing platforms then why should one study SuJok? What is so special about the
science of SuJok? Anyone would ask these and many more logical questions as to
why a person should get into this study.

Tejal Uppal

Is SuJok therapy a Seed Therapy?

Yes, SuJok is a Seed Therapy but also it is definitely not restricted to just Seed Therapy. SuJok therapy is a very divine
alternative healing method which uses various very simple and easy to find tools to heal the various ailments in our body.