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Tejal Uppal

I am a seasoned Senior Sujok Therapist, a beacon of healing and compassion in the realm of alternative medicine. With unwavering dedication, I have honed my expertise in the art of Sujok healing, transforming the lives of countless individuals through my unique approach. My journey into Sujok began with my own struggle with Plantar Fasciitis, a condition that brought immense pain to my left foot for two years. Introduced to Sujok as an alternative treatment, I experienced a miraculous relief from my suffering, sparking a deep passion for this powerful healing modality.

Fuelled by this life-changing experience, I ventured into mastering Sujok techniques, leading me to treat numerous patients with diverse ailments at a wellness center. However, with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, I turned adversity into opportunity. Determined to spread my healing knowledge far and wide, I Embraced the virtual world & decided to reach millions through my courses on Sujok Healing. I firmly believe that empowering individuals to become self-healers not only enhances their well-being but also has a profound impact on their families and communities. My courses are thoughtfully designed to integrate principles of humility, spirituality, and service to humanity, fostering a ripple effect of learned SuJok healers who can impart their knowledge and aid others in their healing journeys. As you delve into the world of Sujok with me, you embark on a transformative path, where the ancient wisdom of healing becomes a guiding light toward self-discovery and wellness.

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What My Clients Say About Me

Discover the Transformative Experiences Shared by Those Touched by My Healing Services.

Tejal's healing touch is truly miraculous; her Sujok techniques brought relief to my chronic pain, and I am forever grateful for her expertise.

Tejal's healing touch is truly miraculous; her Sujok techniques brought relief to my chronic pain, and I am forever grateful for her expertise.

Vikranth Advocate

Few years ago, I suffered a condition called Plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which gave me unbearable pain and that is when I was introduced to Sujok as an alternative treatment. Practicing this Technique, I instantly felt relief from the pain and I then decided to master these techniques for leading a pain free life.

Shreya Engineer

Tejal's commitment to her clients is remarkable. She took the time to understand my health concerns and tailored her Sujok treatments accordingly. I've experienced remarkable improvements in my overall well-being."

Swathi Fashion

"Tejal's Sujok therapy has been a game-changer in my life. After years of suffering from migraines, her treatments brought me relief like nothing else. Her dedication and knowledge shine through in every session."

Mano Designer

"Relief from long-standing ailments was possible thanks to the holistic approach to healing that Tejal taught me. Her techniques align perfectly with her values of spirituality and service to humanity."

Rakshit Student

Under the guidance of an exceptional Sujok practitioner like Tejal, I've witnessed remarkable improvements in my health. Her holistic approach is truly transformative.

Lohith Lecture

"Tejal's commitment to her clients is truly exceptional. Her Sujok treatments are tailored to individual needs, and I've seen significant improvements in my overall well-being.

Pooja Business