Why should one learn SuJok or study SuJok? There are so many alternative healing platforms then why should one study SuJok? What is so special about the science of SuJok? Anyone would ask these and many more logical questions as to why a person should get into this study. Well, I could give you some very specific answers to these questions like SuJok is very comprehensive and very logical and systematic. Also, anything that can be proven without doubt becomes a science and SuJok is not only a physical science with which you can treat your various physical ailments, rather it is also a metaphysical science because through it’s higher knowledge of Energy healing it can also treat the various disorders in a human body. This is not something that I knew myself when I started studying SuJok. It is only when I actually started learning it and went from one level to the other I realized the true potential and effect that it has on you.

But let me first tell you the reasons why everyone should learn SuJok, as I have understood them through my own journey. When I started studying SuJok it was absolutely without the complete knowledge or understanding of the extent of this wonderful science. I just started thinking that it has healed one of my issues so maybe it has the potential to treat other health issues that I or people around me have.

To get a session with a therapist to get myself treated I had to travel 30-40 min from my home and then wait in a line for the therapist to be free and then get treated. It took me about 3-4 hrs for every treatment. Then one day it just hit me that if I myself learn SuJok then I can just do the treatment whenever I want it, even at home and in just 15-20 min. In fact, sometimes for some of the simple ailments, it took me just 5-7 min to take away the pain I was in by instantly applying a bar magnet or a couple of seeds on my hand. This is the biggest advantage of learning SuJok. You can treat your ailments yourself very quickly without having to go anywhere, or without waiting in line at a clinic and at any time of your choosing.

Another big advantage of SuJok is that the treatment is done only on the hands or feet so very easy for anyone to do for themselves or anyone else. For me, SuJok has given a very deep purpose, an intention, in life to educate many many people in this way so that they can also reap the benefits of such a wonderful science. It is a blessing. SuJok is not just a way to heal your physical bodily ailments but as you go deeper you can also heal yourself mentally & emotionally. It is a very divine and a very vast subject but made very simple by Prof. Park Jae Woo. And when one is healed in Body & mind and if one perseveres then it even directs you towards meditation & spirituality and opens the secrets of Existence itself !!!