Is SuJok therapy a Seed Therapy? Yes, SuJok is a Seed Therapy but also it is definitely not restricted to just Seed Therapy. SuJok therapy is a very divine alternative healing method which uses various very simple and easy to find tools to heal the various ailments in our body. Seeds are used as a tool which is very easily available in everyone’s homes and are very inexpensive and easily applied. But the truth is that the same treatment can be done with a lot of other very handy and easily available tools.

For eg., in case we do not have any seed on hand at a certain point of time then we can even use something as simple as a piece of Palm leaf or guess what, even a piece of thin wire, that is used in electrical appliances!! Or even a stone or a crystal. One should just be very open minded and quick thinking and have the capability of implementing the treatment using anything that is available. We have seen a terrible headache disappear in moments just by the correct application of a palm leaf on the hand. Remember SuJok treatment is done only on the hand and feet for all ailments.

Besides seeds even tiny magnets are used to get the same results and sometimes even better or deeper. SuJok healing can also be done using many things available in nature like ginger, walnut, pepper, garlic etc. SuJok, when used as an energy healing tool, also works wonders just by the application of certain colours in a particular order and with the consciousness and intention of healing.

Some therapists are even very adept at using SuJok needles to treat on the hands. These needles are unlike the Chinese Acupuncture needles which are big and go deep and are applied on the whole body and could also be very painful. SuJok needles are very small and fine and only pierce the skin to the depth of 2mm which is negligible and do not hurt at all. Sometimes it has been observed that even the application of one correct needle can alleviate 70% of the symptoms of the ailment that a patient is suffering. But since many people are not very comfortable with needles and do not tolerate them well so for them